Cylon Base Star

This is the original filming miniature of the Cylon Base Star, sometimes just called the Base Ship, as seen in the original theatrical release feature and TV series. The model is about three feet wide and is made with a plexiglass frame and section of steel pipe through the centre for support. This beautifully crafted miniature is being seen here for the first time, now finally restored to it's original glory.

The model has four mounting points (top, bottom and two sides), and the lighting has been recently outfitted with a modern LED lighting system which runs cooler and helps to preserve the model's casing which is made from cast parts as originally constructed.

This visual effects miniature also has the honor of having been a studio set prop for veteran actor Lorne Greene and company in the episode "The Hand Of God" in which our heroes use the model to describe and plan a covert attack on the Base Star that has been hounding the Ragtag Fleet in it's search for Earth. See video captures below.

The modelmakers, when building the ship, realized that they needed to only construct one tenth of the model and  replicate the parts around the perimeter of the plexiglass frame. Therefore the pie-shaped parts were cast in resin and self-skinning foam and then glued in place. However, it is also important to note that there are also a great deal of subtle detail enhancements to each section. This is why the original filming miniature is literally one-of-a-kind. Enjoy the following pictures, photographed exclusively for this web site.

Video captures from the series using the model shown above.

Models photographed and processed exclusively for by E. James Small,

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