Battlestar Galactica

This is the original studio filming miniature of the Galactica itself now fully restored.

The model's skeleton is based on a steel tube armature upon which wooden frames were made, and sheets of plexiglass make up the overall skin. The six-point armature allows the model to be mounted from all angles. The surface is extremely detailed with thousands of carefully scribed panel lines and parts from hundreds of different model kits.  Tiny lights populate the surface provided by hundreds of fiber optic strands and fan-cooled quartz lights in the engines and a custom cooling system built in the nose.
The model is six feet long and weighs about 70 pounds.

No photographs can truly show the incredible detail work that has gone into this masterpiece, one of the most beautiful models ever made for a television show.

All photos below were taken in late April 2008 especially for this page, and represent the current state of this one-of-a-kind original miniature, still in filming condition to this day.

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The original matte painting seen inside the docking bay of the Galactica was removed years ago. There was only one painting made back then, so the effects crew used the same matte to appear in both landing bays simply by printing a mirror image of the film

After contacting Andy Probert, the artist who did
the original painting, we explained to him  that a reproduction was
placed in the bays for the original and asked if he could take a look at it, and give us his opinion on it's origin.  He told us it was a photo copy so he was kind and offered to re-paint not one,  BUT two new versions. Andy therefore created these paintings especially for the restoration of the model as shown here. We are so very great full to Andy for generously taking time out of his busy schedule to repaint these wonderful masterpieces.

Thank you Andy Probert!

Models photographed and processed exclusively for by E. James Small,

Videocaptures copyright  Universal Studios

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