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Barry Maddin


Below are some of Barry's models...

Here is a 1/25th scale Lunenburg Dory made from the Small Art Works resin kit. Barry added a seashore diorama base and outfitted the boat with scratchbuilt fishing gear. Thwarts (seats) and oars were done in balsa wood and the model was painted with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with acrylic craft paint using black and raw umber.

Lunenburg Dory Model

Next, here is a Royal Canadian Dragoons (RCD) Sherman in Korea with D Squadron from April 'til November of 1954. The 1/35th scale model was made from the Dragon kit chassis and Chesapeake Model Designs T-23 Sherman late pattern turret. The markings we done with Archer dry transfers and the name "Dacshund" was done with railroad dry transfers. The figures were made from "Ultracast" brand resin castings

Royal Canadian Dragoons Sherman Tank

Below is a Warhammer Tau fighter model kit done up to resemble a futuristic Canadian military assault craft. Custom painted four colour digital pattern using Tamiya acrylics.

Warhammer Tau Fighter Canadian Future