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E. James Small


Here are a few of Jim's models...

First up, a pair of robots, Maximillian and Vincent,  from Disney's "The Black Hole". The models were built "box stock", except for a custom made name plate, from the vintage MPC kits released in 1979 and donated to the 2011 Hal Con charity event in Halifax, NS.

Max is just under a foot tall.


Next, here is a Cylon Raider built from the original release of the Monogram kit. The model has a four point aluminum armature  with disguising hatches installed to allow the model to be mounted to stands just like the original studio models, from the front, rear, top and bottom. A few slight modifications to the kit's detailing was also done as well as a self-contained power supply for added LED lighting for the engines, under wing lights (yes, these were on some of the original models!) and "headlights".

The wingspan is about 10-1/2 inches.


Now, here is a model of the X-1 in 1/32scale built from the Revell kit. Four pulsating LED's powered by a tiny cell inside the fuselage were added to the help the rocket engines come alive. The stand was also custom made.