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You may send in your photos via Email or "snail mail". Email your pictures to: jim@smallartworks.ca or you may "snail mail" your prints to: Small Art Works, 3333 Rosser Ave., Brandon, MB., Canada, R7B 0H1. If you send pictures via snail mail, they will be scanned and prepared for display on this page. Please include a note if you wish to have your prints returned.Selected photos and text descriptions/essays submitted will be placed on this EIMB web site page.

PLEASE NOTE: Discretion will be used in selecting acceptable content. Text may be edited for length, errors or content.  Images may be edited for composition purposes (see picure prep hints below). The utilization of Small Art Works products (to be shown in the photos and included in any text) is required for submission for this page. Full credit will be given to all submissions, and images will have the appropriate credit added to them. Contact information (email addresses etc.) MAY be provided if requested. Small Art Works reserves the right to reject material deemed inappropriate for this page.

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Jim Van Cleave has an innovative way to attach Small Art Works "Heavy Lift Booster Units" in place on his Eagle's passenger pod using tiny high strength magnets. The magnets are embedded into the model so they are unseen, but hold the boosters in plase with adequate strength for display. You can get some of these magnets from Jim by e-mailing him at  fcaptjim@hotmail.com. He'll be pleased to answer questions or provide tips as well. Click the picture for more views.
Bruce Rollins modified his Ertl Eagle kit and added the Small Art Works Spine Booster and Lab Pod kits. Bruce went so far as to scratchbuild a lit up interior cockpit as well! The launch pad was made from wood and cardboard. Bruce's diorama was entered in the 2001 Starship Modeler "Future That Could Have Been" contest!
Todd Kennedy did a great job building his Space Academy Seeker model kit from Small Art Works. His model's engines are lit up using two light bulbs just the way the original studio model was done!
Deviating significantly from the standard look, Phil Smith used the Small Art Works Machined Aluminum Engine Bells and his imagination to dress up his ERTL Eagle kit


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