A note about dory sizes:

There have been many types of dories made over the years,
like the Swampscott dory, McKenzie River dory and the Banks dory among others.  Often these dories become modified too, with transoms or sailing rigs, so sometimes understanding how they are classed, organized or named can be confusing.

Banks dories are one class of dory, the Lunenburg dories are Banks dories but with the naturally grown "knees" or frames made from the trunk/root junction of the Hackmatack tree instead of the frames made from three pieces of straight wood clipped together as most other Banks dories are made. These dories are also made in many different sizes. Each size, measured by the length of it's bottom, has it's own name. Below is a list of the names and sizes of the Banks dories class in the Lunenburg dory style.

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