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For the first time, through intensive collaboration and research, these gorgeous, highly detailed 24" x 18" two-sheet set of Seeker Shuttlecraft plans, suitable for framing, are available from Patrick Hill, working independently of Small Art Works. These beautiful full colour, non-lithographed, extremely high-resolution premium prints (utilizing 1440 x 720 dpi stochastic resolution) are available on a white, heavy stock, shipped rolled in a mailing tube. These drawings are also endorsed by Rob Maine, the Special Effects Director of Photography for the Miniatures Unit on the original "Space Academy" TV series!

These drawings are also endorsed by Rob Maine, the Special Effects Director of Photography for the Miniatures Unit on the original "Space Academy" TV series!


Seeker Poster Images

"I got the poster and it looks really good." --Rob Maine

"I love your Space Academy Seeker poster. I received the drawings and they're stunning! They're now hanging in my office"  --David Kennedy

"Your blueprints look wonderful. Brilliant work indeed! You're very talented."  --Roberto Baldassari

"Wow! These are beautiful. I've got to commend you on your work, sir."  -Rick Mackey

"I LOVE THEM! Now I want the plans for Ark II, Space Academy...the whole lot! Thank you, thank you, thank you again for sending these -- Takes me back!"  --Robert Dunn

"Keep me on the list for your other offerings."  --Max Mills

"Hey! The plans arrived today! These are fantastic!!!!!! You have done an amazing job drafting these."  --John Michals

"I just got the Seeker art - wow! Really, really nice work. It really takes me back to Saturday morning.  Are you planning any more? I'd love to see Jason's Starfire."  --Allen Lambert

"Just wanted to let you know that they got here yesterday afternoon..... Wow! These are extremely good!!! Thanks a million for keeping this alive!"  --Brad Broerman

"Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Seeker posters. I hung them in my home office. The detail is truly impressive. I especially liked the mention of Camelopardis."  --Ryan Timmreck

"I wanted to compliment you on the poster I got last week. Both the color graphics and attention to detail were excellent. I especially liked the SUCKO Drive reference."  --Wes Carr

"Very nicely done. These are some of the best blueprints for sci-fi that have ever been done. Keep up the good work. I will be eagerly awaiting any new work you do."  --Robert Nelsen

"I received the Seeker plans yesterday and I have to say that they are probably the best looking plans I have ever seen. I was planning to contact some of my friends at other blueprint
sites and get them to link to your page."  --Eric Kristi

"I just wanted to write you and let you know I am in receipt of the Seeker blueprints. They are absolutely exquisite! I already have them framed and hanging in my bedroom, and I cannot take my eyes off of them! You have made a significant contribution to Space Academy fandom. Thank you again for your valuable contribution to me and Space Academy.  --Cadet Ray Westafer

"They arrived in great shape and I must say that they are definitely worth it. You obviously put some serious love into this."  --Arthur Blake


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Checks (US only) or Money Orders of $45 US (includes surface shipping within the US, overseas shipping is extra). Please contact for details.
Patrick Hill
475 North 300 West, Suite 15
Kaysville, Utah  84037
Orders sent by check must clear first; all other orders sent within 24 hours.

Please do NOT send payment for these prints to Small Art Works.

Posters available exclusively from Patrick K. Hill.

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