Built from an exceptionally crude recasting by an unknown manufacturer of the old Aurora kit, the Batboat is quite diminutive at only about six inches long. The model was built for the same customer who requested the Batmobile shown in this gallery, but is not done to the same scale. I think this Batboat is approximately 1/32 scale. Like the Batmobile, this model was covered with automotive laquers and side "flame" decals from John F. Green. Chrome trim is done with Bare Metal Foil and the rear flame was made from a Q-tip cotton swab and airbrushed with fluorescent paints .

 Those who wish to acquire an original Aurora kit for themselves will have to look long and hard and be prepared to spend their life savings! Incredibly, I've seen an original, unbuilt kit still in the opened but original box sell on Ebay for nearly $1,200.00 US dollars!!!

Fans of the Batboat may wish to note that the model has recently been re-released by Polar Lights, and it is an exact copy of the original kit, EXCEPT that it is in a larger scale, approximately 1/25th, which measures about 8-1/2 inches long when built. You should be able to get the kit from your local hobby shop or from Polar LIghts online.


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