Made from the Polar Lights kit, this diminutive 9 inch snap-together model of the Enterprise from the Star Trek spin off of the same name was built "box stock" with no modifications. I built it  working on-and-off in just a few hours.

The model goes together very quickly and is reasonably well engineered and has lots of very tiny detailed parts. Wanting to bang it together in a hurry, I took advantage of the snap-together features, gluing only a few parts. The only real work is in the painting.

  Someone who wanted to spend the time on it could do a pretty good job of lighting this model up! All the bits that are supposed to light up are molded in clear plastic! However, I have the much larger (absolutely fantastic!!!) model that Polar Lights released so I didn't want to spend the time on it. I just painted the clear parts with tinted transparent Tamiya acrylics. The entire model was sprayed with a mixture of silver, copper and gold to give a metallic tan look, and then a random paneling pattern was cut from a piece of paper to use as a mask for the liberal spraying of silver paint to quickly simulate the "aztec" look it's supposed to have. At this size, unless decals are made for that purpose, it would be a nightmare to try and do the actual aztec panelling. But in my opinion this looks better anyway, as it imparts a more natural randomness to the metallic skin, simulating the look of separately applied pieces of whatever the ship's supposed to be made of. Realistically speaking, why would anyone bother painting designs like that onto a ship's hull? The three holes on the bottom are for the display stand.

For it's size, the kit is remarkably well detailed, a testament to the continually improving quality that Polar Lights has  lovingly put into their most recent kits.

It's also a real shame that Polar Lights, who made some of the best Sci-Fi kits we've ever seen in  recent years, sold out to RC2/ERTL, as they've abandoned all the fantasy stuff. I was hoping to buy a LOT more great spacehip kits from Polar LIghts.

Hopefully the kits and others like them will find themselves rejuvenated at some point. Enjoy the pictures!


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