Starship Enterprise


 The Enterprise shown here is built from the stock Ertl 22 inch "cutraway" kit. and unlit. The cutaway features on this model are absolutely terrible, so the model was built "whole" with the removeable features glued, puttied and sanded permanently in place. I replaced the kit's nacelle domes with similarly sized E.M.A. (Plastruct) acrylic domes because the right one is split in half which makes it impossible to use without leaving a visible seam. I made a "background" for the domes using bits of chrome kit parts to reflect light, giving the immpression that some kind of mechanism exists behind the domes as seen in the lighted studio model.

Although the model appears to be white, it's actually painted light gray just like the original studio model. But, also just like the studio model, it looks white when photographed.  A little airbrushed weathering completes the look.

Purists would suggest re-working a lot of this model to improve detailing and correct the flaws and innaccuracies, but as a desktop model it looks pretty good as it is.


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