Starship Enterprise "A"
as seen in "Star Trek The Motion Picture"

 This model of the Enterprise "A", as seen in "Star Trek, The Motion Picture" is yet another project created for a customer. Built from the stock AMT 1986 released kit (complete with the incorrect panelling detail which was introduced in the kit's second release) and lit with about 18 tiny Mag-Lite bulbs, it makes an impressive display piece.  In my opinion it is by far the prettiest of the Enterprise designs seen in the entire "Star Trek" shows and films. In some of these shots it's hard to believe that the model is only 23 inches long!

There are eight pictures on this page. Please be patient while they all load on your browser. 

The model was photographed with a Nikon digital camera using a time exposure for proper effect. Like all the model pictures on the Small Art Works web site Gallery, these images were not digitally enhanced, except for the addition of text, cropping, overall brighness & contrast and removal of unwanted background clutter including the display stand. 
The model itself was NOT "retouched" to improve it's appearance. 


One or two of these pictures show a kind of "starfield" behind the model. This was not added to the shots, but actually captured as a pure coincidence. A combination of the camera's settings and some dust on the black velvet  backdrop placed only inches behind the model coupled with lighting angle created the effect. This photographic "defect" actually looked quite nice, so I opted not to clean up these photos.




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