Starship Enterprise "D"

 "Space: the final frontier! These are the voyages of the large ship Extrasize.... It's seven year mission: to keep television ratings high, to provide new eye candy and more technobabble. To boldly hold more conventions than anyone has held before!"

A lot of people have built this ERTL model over the years with varying results. I built this model of the Enterprise "D"  for a customer in England. It had lighting incorporated into it for the engines and cabin lights. There are about two dozen tiny lights in the model. The biggest jobs (and most boring) were cutting out the hundreds of windows and painting the "aztek" panelling.

There are eight pictures on this page. Please be patient while they all load up. It's worth the wait! 

Since this model has been on display, I have received numerous emails asking which colours I used to paint the model, so for those of you interested, here they are:

Main hull: Tamiya light blue mixed with a touch of Tamiya Light Grey.
Gray paneling: Tamiya Light Grey mixed witha bit of the Tamiya light blue.
(The trick is to mix them so the blue still looks more blue than the grey does, but to just "bring the colours a little closer together" so they don't look quite so obviously different.)
The lifeboats were painted with na mixture of Tamiya Light Buff and a touch of Tamiya Flat Yellow. The phaser banks are Tamiya dark grey.  The decals were applied using decal settinfg solution and then when dry, the whole model was lightly sprayed with "Testor's Dulcote"
The model is lifghtly weathered with chalk dust.


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