(Don't worry, they're fake!)

I finished these "blasters" using excellent kits available from Alberta Industrial Models. They are full size prop replicas made of solid resin and are quite easy to build.  The first one shown here is an "E-11" blaster, the kind the Stormtroopers used in the original Star Wars film. The model is extremely accurate, with parts cast from a real British "Sterling" paratrooper's rifle, the weapon that the original props were based on. It really is a nice piece, one of my favourites, and looks very authentic!


Next up is a Robot Sentry laser weapon from "The Black Hole", the underrated Disney film from 1979. The prop replica comes as a solid resin kit, again produced by AIM, and appears to be very accurate. It was also super easy to build, but the paint job was my best guess, as I have no real reference to an original except for the film on DVD, and it looks somewhat diferent in every scene!

Last up here is a Battlestar Galactica Colonial Blaster, also a kit available from Alberta Industrial Models. The kit was again sprayed using black automotive lacquers. The model's detail colours were gleaned from the best research materials available at the time.


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