"SHADO" Mobile

This six inch model of the Mobile is made from the IMAI kit, but the toylike missile launchers in the headlights and underside wheels were removed. The model was sprayed with automotive laquers, detailed with Tamiya acrylics and weathered with a wash of diluted black and brown paint for the mud splashes.

The bottom photograph shown on this page represents my first attempt at digital compositing, using Photoshop, done in early 1997. I had my wife pose under the porch of our Nova Scotia house for the background plate and then I photographed the model seperately against a greenscreen, taking care to match the lighting and positioned a sprig of tiny foliage to cast the shadow of the large tree in the yard (out of the frame here) onto the hull. The smoke from the mobile's "diesel engine" was digitally painted in. Heavy retouching was used to blend the model into the scene and illuminate the model's headlights. The picture is a bit dark, but someday I may re-do the shot to make it even better.



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