Space Tug "Nostromo"

This model of the "Nostromo" from the 1979 film "Alien" was built for a customer from the  expensive and rare "Halcyon" vinyl kit. The kit includes small injection molded parts for the landing struts and smaller details. The model was delivered in less than ideal condition, with many of he soft vinyl parts badly warped and distorted.  The model was heated and reshaped to attempt removal of the warps before the model could be assembled and painted with automotive laquers. 

A\ll photos on this page are of this 14" long model, and the photo above was taken using a quickly built miniature set with atmosphere provided by a fog machine. Except for colour correction and brightness/contrast adjustment, the photo was NOT digitally enhanced or changed. It was shot as you see "in camera", as are all photos of the models shown on this web site except where specifically noted.




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