"Nanofly" custom built robot model

This robot model was completely scratch built in early 2003 for a customer named Devon Brooks to his exact specifications. He designed the model in a 3D computer program and sent me renderings as a guide to build the model. The main body is made from two 6" Plastruct hemispheres. 

Urethane resin castings of scratch built master patterns were employed to create most of the other main parts like the feet, legs, arms and thrusters. Finishing details were made from sheet styrene, copper and brass tubing and aluminum rods. By complete coincidence, a small plastic lens robbed from a disposable camera was a perfect fit for the "eye" of the Robot model. 

The "Nanofly" name was a decal produced by JBOT which has mirror like gold foil applied. The model was sprayed with specially mixed metallic automotive laquers and given a semigloss clear coat to match the look of the original computer generated renderings.


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