Models Built for ...

 The models shown on this page were built especially for "Round 2", the company that now owns the rights to the Polar Lights, MPC and AMT kits. They produce and sell all the kits on this page.

The company hired me to build and photograph some of their kits for publicity purposes, packaging art and promotional material for their upcoming and current new releases.

I have been working with Round 2 also to suggest and develop further improvements to add value to re-releases of older kits.

Note that I do not sell any of the kits shown on this page.
Please support Round 2 by clearing the retail store shelves of their fabulous kits!


The first  model shown here is their beautiful kit of the Enterprise "A" from Star Trek, The Motion Picture.

Enterprise A

The impressive 35 inch long model which is suitable for lighting, re-released in 2009, has a breakthrough feature in the form of a complete set of "aztec" panel decals for the kit that I designed, covering virtually the entire model! 

Please note that the photo above is a composite done by shining small spotlights made from LED lamps onto the hull to create pools of light. The only digital additions made to the composite photo were the lighting of the small windows and tiny running lights, as the model was built unlit.

Next up is the shuttle "Surak" from Star Trek The Motion Picture. The re-release of the kit includes many improvements which I designed, including more accurate tooling for the warp engines and docking section between the pod and sled with magnetic coupling allowing the shuttle pod to be removed and a comprehensive decal set which, like the big Enterprise above, covers more than 90% of the model simulating all the intricate panel work and technical markings. The kit comes molded in the correct Mauve colour and features brand new box art by the shuttle's original creator, Andrew Probert. You can see a complete construction article on how this kit is easily built on Round 2's "Workbench" page at

Here is the "Reliant" which has also been retooled slightly to correct some errors and improve it's look. I also designed the complete "aztec" panel decals as per the two models above for this one as well. These decals sets are sold by Round 2 as accessories to the kit.


Next are Round 2's re-releases of the Polar Lights snap together kits of the Old Series Enterprise (the most accurate licensed plastic kit of the ship ever made to date) and it's counterpart, the Klingon D-7 Cruiser. Despite their diminutive size, these models are actually very well detailed . The Enterprise kit includes the option to build it as the first pilot version, second pilot version or the production version. Production version is shown below.  Also comes with a fabulous and comprehensive decal set!

Here is the Romulan Bird Of Prey. This kit was improved by adding a newly tooled weapons launcher on the nose and corrected warp engine nacelle domes. The decals have been extensively modified and expanded.

Here is the Defiant. This kit is molded in glow-in-the-dark plastic and a "Tholian Spinner" (not shown here) is included with it. The picture below is not retouched. The actual kit's glow was captured by shooting it under black light. The darker parts were sprayed with the correct colours very lightly dusted on, allowing the glow to show through.

This Deep Space Nine station was built "box stock".

The Enterprise "E" also built box stock and sprayed with pearl paints.

The little ships below are the diminutive "Cadet Series" snap-together kits, some of which are sold individually, some as a set. Although not shown here, the kits are all made to scale with each other so the Enterprises C, D and E are considerably bigger than the other three. The kits come with comprehensive "decal wraps" for all the paneling and markings detail.

Here is the Star Trek Adversary set. The much bigger Romulan Warbird, which is surprisingly accurate, is considerably bigger than the Ferengi Marauder and the Klingon Bird Of Prey. The kits now come with accurate window decals. The glow shown was shot using black light in this composite shot.