Some Really Small Models
Below are some examples of some of the tinier models I've made over the years, some of them modified, but all made from kits of some sort. Most of these models were made more than 12 years ago.

This model of the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is a little over 5-1/2 inches long. It started as the two piece snap-together model from the MPC "Rebel Base" kit and was heavily modified to produce the more realistic example you see here.



The Bell Jetranger helicopter shown below is made from a very tiny and crude plastic kit. The finished model measures only about 3-1/2 inches long from nose to tail and is entirely hand painted. The car is a classic '57 Chevy in HO scale and measures only 2-1/4 inches long. The model came pre-assembled and molded in black plastic with a metal chassis. It was taken apart and sprayed with Tamiya acrylics, chrome trim was applied using Bare Metal Foil and then the whole model was clear coated and reassembled..

This model of the Starship Enterprise "A"  measures in at a diminutive  4-3/4 inches long, and is completely hand painted.  It is made from the ERTL release, which came in a box of three kits. One was the old series ship, this one, and the model of the "D", which was slightly bigger,  from "Next Generation". The three models, the parts of which can all fit in the palm of your hand, was nevertheless, in traditional Ertl fashion, severely overpackaged in a box measuring 17-1/2 x 12 x 3-1/2 inches! The unfolded instruction sheet measured at least two feet square! Never in my life have I ever seen such an overboxed kit!





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