"Aliens" Sulaco

 Made from the Japanese re-issue of the "Halcyon" kit, this 12-1/2 inch model of the Sulaco was built "box stock" with no modifications for a customer named Ted Slautterback who lives in Korea.  The model was simply sprayed with gray primer and a black wash was applied overall to weather the model .

The photo above is a composite of the model suitably lit and shot against a black velvet background and a shot of the Moon I took one night when it looked particularly striking.

As with the shots that follow, the model itself is not retouched except for adjustment of overall brightness levels and colour  correction.

The diminutive size of the model and the limitations of the camera results in a situation where  maintaining depth-of-field is very difficult in some shots,l even with the camera's aperture dialed down to it's smallest size (highest F-stop). The 2 inch long antenna (the longest one) on the front of the model in the shot above is only about a half inch away from the camera lens which is why it's a bit out of focus. Nevertheless, the perspective looked so dramatic I included it here anyway, as it closely matches the opening shot of the ship as seen in the film.



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