"Warp" 12 inch Eagle

My favourite subject of all time to model, the Eagle from "Space: 1999" has a look that is both graceful and utilitarian. It was the first spacecrtaft ever designed for a Sci-Fi TV series that really looked as though it would work the way it was portrayed on film.

There are nine photos below. Please be patient while the page loads.


The 12 inch long models seen on this page were built from the British produced "WARP" kit, which is a good alternative to the popular Airfix/MPC/ERTL offerings, but considerably more expensive. It makes an impressive display piece but is not for the novice builder. It is made from an extremely brittle resin which can be difficult to work with, and also contains white metal cast parts for the spine and framework. Some of the models (the photos here show several models I have made for different customers) feature turned aluminum engine bells which are available for this kit right here on the Small Art Works web site.







I also wrote a complete buildup review of the model you see here. You can read it on Starship Modeler's web site by clicking HERE.

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