More pix of the 23" Eagles

Here are some more pictures of the RU kits built using even more modifications which I developed. I recently completed four of them all at once for various customers from around the world. With these latest models, I actually ended up discarding at least 1/3rd of the parts that came with the kit in favour of my own newly re-mastered and greatly improved (especially when compared to the stock RU kit) parts and accessories. 

As with the previous models I have built, aAll the models shown here have illuminated cockpits with pilot figures, sprung oleo strut landing gear (made with stainless steel tubes!) and, as usual, the classic Small Art Works turned aluminum engine bells. But on these latest four examples, I also replaced the four silver sensor dishes on the nose cone, made from resin in the kit, with new machined aluminum examples which exactly match the ones seen on the original 44" Eagle studio models. 

With these newer kits, which had obviously been re-worked by the manufacturer considerably since the ones shown on the previous page were produced, I also had to completely replace the interior companionways within the cage structures with brand new scratch-mastered units with their shoulder pod receptacles and shelf sections, so horribly done and devoid of detail were the "improved" kit parts. I also replaced the passenger pod's support struts with newly mastered examples as well.

The Lab Pod, Cargo/winch pod and Spine Booster shown are made from castings of my own master patterns which were accurately made from dimensions gleaned from the original studio models!


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