A "Small" Model Gallery

Here are a handful of projects that have been built within the last few years, many for various customers. Most have been built from kits and many were modified. Some were completely built from scratch. 

After viewing the models in the gallery below, you can see more on the EIMB "Model Building and Finishing Services" page, and throughout the Small Art Works web site.  The examples you see here represent the kind of work you can expect if you have  a model custom built especially for you, here at Small Art Works!

If you want to see larger versions or more views of the pictures shown below, just click on them. Use your browser's "Back" button to return to this page to see the rest of the models.

Except where noted, all photos show the models as built with no digital enhancements, retouching, or flaw removal  used, except for some colour correction in some cases (to remove the "yellow" introduced by tungsten lighting), with some simple brightess and contrast levels adjusted and the removal of unwanted background clutter.

Except where noted, all photographs were executed and prepared by E. James Small.

Small Art Works is now doing work for "Round 2", the new company that has the rights to various licenced products, such as Star Trek and many AMT, MPC, Aurora and Polar Lights kits! Click on the logo opposite to see some of the work I've recently done for them!

This is the Aries lunar shuttle from 2001 A Space Odyssey.
This V Skyfighter model is made from a casting of an original studio filming miniature!
Here is a model of the USS Ronald Reagan Supercarrier that is only about 18.5 inches long, but is still quite detailed, and even runs in the water!

This model of the USS Enterprise is made from the very crude but large Monogram kit. Not very detailed, but lends itself to "play" value!

This model of the USS Seawolf submarine was detailed with unusual painting techniques and runs free in the water!

Here is a German U-Boat model of a type used during WWII which can also run in the water and measures just under 21" long.

This is the "Cygnus" from the underrated Disney movie "The Black Hole". The opaque molded model was modified and painted with fluorescent colours to simulate a lit up appearance.
This unusual robot model was completely scratch built. A custom project for a client with specific ideas in mind....
This  30 " model of the "Hawk"  is a very accurate replica of the studio miniature used in filming one of the more popular "Space: 1999" episodes.
This model of the "Nostromo" from the movie "Alien" is built from a rare vinyl kit.
Here's a small model of the "Narcissus" shuttle, seen in the classic 1979 movie "Alien"
This foot long model of the deep space vessel "Sulaco" from the film "Aliens" was built for a customer in Korea.

Here are some "Blaster" prop replicas...
 This 14 foot semi-scale radio controlled blimp was designed for advertizing purposes
Here's a deviation from the normal fare seen on this site! These arachnids (and one insect) are made from the MPC/Ertl "Gigantics" kits.
This model of the famous Wright Brothers' "Flyer" was made in about a day using the Monogram kit
 This is a model of a welder, which I refurbished and modified for a previous employer during the late 1980's. It was my first professional model building job. Click the picture at right to read a lot more about this incredibly detailed industrial scale model and see loads of photos!

Here are a few Star Wars models built from the Finemolds kits at 1/72 scale

A Cylon Raider from "Battlestar Galactica. This model is built from the Monogram kit and modified with lights and full mounting armature.
Here's a Colonial Viper from "Battlestar Galactica" stock built from the Monogram kit, but is equipped with lit up engines!
Three ships from the Galactica Ragtag Fleet are replicated here using some timny kits available from Timeslip Creations

 This model of the "Ultra Probe" from a popular Space:1999 episode is another piece built for a customer at "studio scale".
Featured in another Disney film called "TRON", this Lightcycle was made from the Erasmus Designs resin kit, painted with automotive lacquers.
This diorama model, built for the Manitoba Agricultural department was designed to be light and portable. It demonstrates good versus bad farming practices.
Here's a tabletop educational diorama that was built for a reasearch farm to demonstrate the virtues of composting.
Do you like Eagles? Lots of them shown on this web site! This model, built from the Replicas Unlimited 23" kit is a real beauty, and is an impressive display piece!
 I seem to specialize in Eagles! The models shown here were made from the 12"  "Warp" kits for various customers. These are crude kits, but more accurately detailed than the stock ERTL kits.
Okay, one more set of Eagle pictures. These models were custom built, and are the most accurate yet!

Here is a model of the Batwing from the 1989 film starring Jack Nicholson and Michael Keaton.

Batwing Page Link
Here is a Batmobile made from a resin kit for a customer who is a major Bat-Fan! This 1/25th scale model was even equipped with a flashing beacon and fully detailed interior with chrome trim!
Naturally, after building a Batmobile, one should expect a Bat Boat to follow! This 6" model, made for the same customer as the Batmobile above, was made from a very crude recasting (unknown manufacturer) of the old Aurora kit.
Next to be done is a Batcopter built for the same Bat-fan! This one was a lot fo fun to build... I couldn't put it down!
Here's the Batcycle finally! What a job this one was! Click the picture of it to find out more!
Here is a large model of a Trans Am Indianapolis Pace Car which was built for the owner of the actual vehicle.
This model of the U.S.S. Saratoga from the Fox TV show "Space Above And Beyond" was custom mastered by Small Art Works for production by another kit company, "Acme 36 Models".
The Atreides Ornithopter from the 1984 film "Dune" shown here was also built for "Acme 360 Models".
This is the model of the "Enterprise" built from the tiny snap-together Polar Lights kit, and measures a mere 9" long.
The original Starship Enterprise, built "box stock" from the 22" Ertl kit
Here's a nice model of a DY-100 spacecraft, also known as the "Botany Bay" from the classic "Space Seed" episode of Star Trek.
Botany Bay
The Starship Enterprise as seen in "Star Trek The Motion Picture", fully lit, is another satisfying project built for a customer...
Built for a customer in England, this model of the Starship Enterprise D  from "Star Trek The Next Generation" is made from the ERTL kit, with extensive lighting modifications. 

This photo by Chris Trice
 The Klingon "Bird Of Prey" (wasn't that originally a Romulan ship?) is stock built from the ERTL kit. I only waited about ten years for them to release that kit!
This Visible Cow model was built for educational purposes for the Government of Canada
 This is "KITT" from the TV show "Knight Rider" in 1/25th scale. I built it from the MPC kit back in 1985.
This Jupiter 2 from the old sixties TV show "Lost In Space" was made from the 12" diameter Polar Lights kit. I added interior lighting and an electronic chaser light system for the "Reactor".

A new picture shows the Gemini XII modification at the bottom of the page.

This "SHADO Mobile" vehicle was made from the IMAI kit. Although equipped with toylike wheels and rocket launchers where the headlights should be, the 6" kit nevertheless builds into a nice display piece with a little modification.
The Space: 1999 Laser Tanks, although seen for only a few seconds during a single episode of the two year run of the show, is nevertheless very popular among fans. This studio scale scratch built replica represents the most recognizeable of the three designs.
Lastly, here are some really tiny models...

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